A glimpse at the Graphic Novel : Part 1

August 22, 2009 at 10:42 pm (A story in 170 days) (, , , , , )


Several days ago I’ve announced an upcoming graphic novel I’m working on (and hoping to finish by the next year), called “A story in 170 days”; it’s a weird title, I know, but trust me that it really fits the story and once you will get some glimpses into the universe you will see what I mean 🙂

Today, we’re gonna take a first look at it and see it’s background and the motivation behind creating it.


The story of the graphic novel is set in a far, far, distant future, at a time when our galaxy is about to collapse*. If you think by now that it’s yet another clichee sci-fi story with tones of aliens and technology, you could not be more wrong because the galaxy at this time is abandoned, ruined and the mood is very dark and heavy.

The story follows the drama of an epic death (the one of our galaxy) and captures the psychological conflict of the few remaining living beings, while inserting and going after mythological, philosophical and religious elements. Without saying more, it’s like a novel version of ‘top 100 mankind questions’: Who are we? What is the purpose of live? Who is GOD? Is the universe infinite? and much more.

A story in 170 days

It’s a story I have in mind for about 10 years, but never got the chance to give it a contour. It’s actually part of a larger series of stories,  placed in the same universe, focused around a main character which over the time influences the course of history, both when alive and long after it’s demise (for easier reference, from now on we will call this series of stories as ‘The Lost Chronicles’).

This particular story can be considered the pinnacle of this evolution, set at the end of the trilogy (hence unveiled in reverse order by the means of prequels). As such, the story is not so much about the main character of the Lost Chronicles, but more about it’s legacy:  a lone templar, descendant of the once mighty Archon Saar, who pairs with the last remaining human and undertakes an epic journey at the end of our world. Will they succeed before that happens?


That’s it for now 🙂 Upcoming in part 2 is a short glimpse at our main characters.

*(later these weeks I will publish an article – for those who are interested – about the lifespan of an universe and the theories of expansion and collapse, to better understand the little science behind the story).



  1. cristina said,

    Looking forward to it and best of luck. 🙂

  2. wereviking said,

    Hey we use the same theme. Nice! Novel being published where?

    Zephyr — a superhero webcomic in prose

    • suirebit said,


      The plan is to first publish it on lulu.com for my fans and anyone else interested and then look for a classic publisher…

  3. Iki said,

    Your noval sounds really interesting and right up my alley. I’ll definitely follow this up. Good luck with it and I cant wait to know more!

  4. Tom Wolf said,

    hey man, what about the novel? it seems like you haven’t updated anything about it since this first post 1,5 years ago?

    • suirebit said,

      hah, yes indeed, sorry; I wish I could update you guys more, but lately I’ve been very busy with feature film work, so I had very little time for else 🙂

      Thanks for reminding me of writing more about it! There are days when I think I should hire a Personal Assistant

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